10 Common Boating Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

The weekend is here and, your mind is poured up with a dazzling excitement and happiness as finally, you have got the opportunity to go for that long-cherished boating in the river. But you know people say, "Good things come at a price.

Now you might be wondering, do I have to sell my soul to the devil to go for boating? Well, don't worry, my friend, you won't have to pay that much. All it's going to take is just learning some basics about boating.

This lesson will come in handy to avoid some common mistakes that may ruin the whole experience. So, let's get to know 10 common boating mistakes and how to avoid them.

Why Should You Avoid the Mistakes?

You never know, sometimes a simple mistake can call upon a great disaster. When it comes to going on boating, you must be looking for a way out from the hectic and banal cycle of your daily life. You want to be free and independent for a while but, what if the opposite happens?

For example, running-short on fuel in the middle of the way, ending up with a broken engine and even not being able to call for help, encountering stormy weather, losing your course a, or falling off the boat and becoming a crocodile's breakfast.

Well, that last one is quite unlikely to happen. But, the other worth case scenarios can turn out to be a reality at any moment. So, avoiding those mistakes is not a choice but the edge between your happiness and disaster.

Therefore, if you are aware of these common errors people tend to make, the way towards your next happy boating is just around 600 more words away. So, shall we keep going?

10 Common Boating Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Boating is a superb experience when you are well-prepared. You know, behind every successful mission, there is a well-planned procedure." Now, let's get to the real deal of 10 common boating mistakes and how to avoid them.

Forgetting to Check the Marine Weather Forecast Before Setting Off

Checking the marine weather before leaving the dock with your boat is a must unless you are looking for some heavy rolling or getting soaked up by the torrential rain on the way. And don't forget the marine weather is not related to land-based weather.

It's completely a different chapter and, the wise thing to do would be to check up on the marine-weather before you set off your journey. You can download the marine weather checking the app on your phone so, you get all the updates right away.

VHF Marine radio may be the best option if you can contact other boats for weather information.

Running Aground

Running around is a common mistake people often make. Yeah, you can move freely on a sand bottom or soft mud. But, in a rocky harbor, you might accidentally end up hitting bottomwhich, may cause some severe damage.

So, the solution for you here is, trying to keep an idea about the local underwater hazard and when you are in doubt, just go slow.

Not Doing the Regular Maintenance

You know, when taking care of things, they last. The same goes with your boat, if you fail to do the regular maintenance, it's not going to last long and, you may face some bad situation in the middle of the way especially, with your boat's propulsion system.

To ensure the best performance out of your boat's engine, you will have to get the best dual purposes marine battery.

Hitting the Dock

You need to have good predictability of your boat's speed and stopping. When you’re approaching the dock, slow-down as much as needed, never be overconfident with your prediction.

Sometimes, even when you have done everything accordingly, a mechanical issue or sudden power loss may occur. And what happens next? You end up hurting the poor dock seriously. Dude! You are cruel.

Running Out of Gas

If you are regular at boating, you must have encountered this issue at least once in your lifetime. Don't forget, your fuel consumption varies on the load and sea conditions so, it's a bit hard to guess.

The worst-case scenario could be getting a wrong-reading of your fuel storage info as it may change when the fuel sloshes in the tank. So, it's always best to have some reserved fuel with you, just in case.

If you have got a trolling motor-powered boat, get a trolling motor battery. It will give you an extended period of ride. Here we have the best trolling motor battery  for that extra mile.

Overloading Your Boat

This could appear to be a dangerous issue. So, it's highly advised to keep a clear reading of the weight you load on the boat, including people and gears. Check what is the max loading capacity of your boat, and don't cross that safe zone.

Getting Lost

This is very unlikely to happen still; let’s not take any unnecessary risk. You can't always trust a machine as, at times, it may give you wrong readings and even stop working. So, when going for a long ride, make sure all your guiding systems such as GPS, RADAR, or SONAR are working properly.

Running Your Engine Dry

Your boat's engine may overheat at a point and, that's when you will need enough supply of water for cooling it down and, it is also going to lubricate the water pump impeller.

If you like to do things fast, all you will need is the best marine battery for your boat. This will get the engine started in no time.

Mooring the Boat in the Wrong Way

People often fail to do a proper clear-hitch. You don't want to be that loser standing in the dock watching your boat floating away slowly from you. So, learn how to tie up the slip properly to avoid the boat from banging the dock or pilings.

Tilting the Engine Stupidly

When someone tilts the engine up, just know he came out of his house that day only to ruin the boat's engine. Well, that's certainly going to put a huge amount of pressure on the boat's transom and end up damaging the engine. So, if you don't want to end up with a broken engine, get a "transom saver" bracket now.

Final Words

Look, we are not trying to sell us by scaring you. Here our main intention is to ensure your safe and secure journey. Especially when you are not much experienced with boating, it's highly advised to keep these basic dos and don'ts in mind.

The wise decision would be to take someone with you who is experienced when boating. So, if any unfortunate event occurs, you will have a good backup.

We hope you have found our article, "10 common boating mistakes and how to avoid them, " helpful. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable ride. Bon, voyage!best marine batterybest marine batterybest marine battery

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