What Are The Different Types Of Boat Trailers

What Are The Different Types Of Boat Trailers?

Indeed, boat trailers offer the owners the flexibility to transport their vessels to several rivers, lakes, bays, and inlets. It is almost impossible to transfer a boat from one place to another without the assistance of trailers.

Types Of Boat Trailers

The market has got a couple of choices when it comes to boat trailers. You will find different types and not all provide equal benefits. This is why you should stay here to know the different types of boat trailers so that you can identify the right one for your vessels.

There are different types of boat trailers in below.

  • Bunk Trailers
  • Roller Trailers
  • Float-On Trailers
  • Keel Rollers
  • Rib Rollers

Bunk Trailers

It is one of the most common yet popular choices among boat owners. Basically, it uses two or more bunks (boards) for supporting the keel of a boat. Usually, the boards are covered in a smooth felt-like fabric that prevents the vessel from scratches and helps to slide on/off with ease.

This particular type is designed for smaller boats that are under 5-6 meters long.

Roller Trailers

It is another common type that utilizes several sets of plastic or rubber rollers to support vessels' weights. This is highly suitable for launching boats on beaches or waterways at low tide.

Float-On Trailers

If you need a trailer to carry a larger vessel, then hands down, the float-on trailer could be the best choice. This is designed to be submerged in water, allows to float the boat with a minimal effort, the name describes itself!

Keel Rollers

This type of roller is typically broad and comes with a V-shape appearance. It is placed in the center of the trailer, which is in a ladder format in general. This particular shape is responsible for supporting the boat's keel, this is why it is known as keel rollers.

Rib Rollers

Cluster roller is another synonym of rib roller that is a bit smaller than the keel roller when it comes to the size. It offers a sufficient amount of support to the outer portion of a vessel's hull. A few rib rollers include treads to enhance traction with slippery or slimy boats.

It is basically used in conjunction from time to time with bunk trailers, but most of the time, it is compatible with roller trailers and keel rollers.

Brake calipers and rotors

With choosing a trailer, you need to consider the brake calipers, and the brakes used to run the pressure against the rotor and the brake pads press. It depends on the size of your boat.

Smaller ships usually have a brake override system that is usually just as simple as when you press the wire as a brake.

Larger boats need to have trailers with a battery-powered electric hydraulic braking system, making small brakes on each wheel.

This helps to increase the brake sensitivity, vital when transporting large vessels. In addition, if a boat is tied to a vehicle, the brake component will ensure that the boat does not stop automatically ahead.

Different Types Of Boat Trailers

Different Types Of Boat Trailers

A Few Maintenance Tips Concerning Boat Trailers:

If you want to use your boat trailer for long, you have to provide a few maintenance tips. Follow the tips to ensure the longevity of your vessel’s trailer.

  • After each uses, make sure to clean the entire surface of your trailer with some freshwater.
  • The engine is the key, so you should highly focus on it. It needs oil or lubricant now and then, so you should provide these things at certain times.
  • You have to pay a bit more attention to the wheels and brakes. Most of the time, the tires have to contact with salt water, for instance, make sure to clean those things by providing an extra effort.
  • Under-inflated tires could wear out very soon, this is why you should keep the tires inflated.
  • As most of the vessel's trailer made with steel, it could get rusty within a few months. But if you treat it well, you can use it for years without rusting. In case you find any rusty parts, make sure to replace it as soon as possible!
  • Have an equal focus on the bulbs, if you find anything wrong, ensure to replace it immediately.
  • If you face something terrible that you can't solve, make sure to take assistance from manufacturers.

Last Words

We have shown you the different types of boat trailers so that you can know which one is going to suits you best. As a boat owner, we all are familiar with the importance of a vessel's trailer.

It helps to transport your specific boats on the way of rivers, ocean, bay, etc. If you want to know how to maintain it appropriately, make sure to follow the tips that we already showed above.

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