What to Wear Ice Fishing to Stay Dry

What to Wear Ice Fishing to Stay Dry| Are You Interested to Know?

The person who loves hunting and takes it as a sport or profession, for him or her, the time between first snowfall and good ice is not enough for late-season fish hunting. Some of the hunters barely have time for putting away rifles and going for ice fishing. You know ice fishing is a popular and special sport too, and in this sport, the preparation is everything.

A person must have to know what to wear ice fishing. You should wear the perfect clothing for ice fishing. The number of caught fishes will reveal how much prepared you were. For perfect preparation, proper clothing is one of them. And, today, we are going to help you guys to know the proper clothing. 

What to Wear Ice Fishing to Stay Dry?

Are You Interested to Know? Let’s begin-

If you have ever gone ice fishing, you might know how difficult it is to stay on the ice and keep fishing all day.

So, overcome this obstacle you will definitely need a good quality fish finder. Just as needed having perfect clothing is the super option for anyone. So, you should know how or what you should wear for ice fishing. Here, some essential items of clothing are given-

  • Proper headwear
  • Shirt & Pants
  • Base layer for moisture-wicking (The layer)
  • Fleece for wind breaking (The layer)
  • The outer shell that is insulated or winter jacket (The layer)
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Waterproof boots

These are the essential clothing parts, and if you have all of them, you will be fully warm and cold-free. Now, we will talk about these parts in detail. Without wasting any time, let’s jump into the facts.

Proper Headwear

One of the most important things is that you have to keep your head warm and dry. For that, you may have at least a hat with you. It will protect you from the cold for the least. But, we would suggest having a balaclava with you for headwear.

A balaclava is a perfect headwear that will help you to protect your face and neck too besides your head. If you feel very hot wearing it for a long time, then you take it off your head and pull it around your neck. Well, how to use it will totally depend on the temperature. But, be sure that you will need it for ice fishing at any temperature.

Instead of using any cotton element, we would suggest wearing something of dry-fit sort types of materials because it will not become itchy and will also get dried fast if it gets wet.


The very next thing is that you have to pick up a perfect shirt for your ice fishing. You will need to have 3 layers inside your shirt. If you take off one of these three layers, thus you will stay dry, warm, and comfortable. Here are the layers-

  • Base layer for moisture-wicking
  • Fleece for wind breaking 
  • The outer shell that is insulated or winter jacket

You will have to choose a dry-fit sort of materials like an under armor for the first base layer. To make it simple, we can say it is like the shirt that you wear during sports. That will help you to keep away the moisture from your body. 

The next layer is that you should have a wind-breaker that has fleece. We suggest having a wind-breaker having fleece because it will keep you warm and comfortable on the ice for a long time. It is not a huge thing to wear, and even you can wear it in the town too.

Now, it comes the final layer, which is the outer shell, and it should be insulated. It should have to be wind-resistant and waterproof. It can be a winter jacket or a snow jacket. This final layer will help you fight against the cold and snow during ice fishing.

Bib or Snow Pants

Generally, we would suggest having pants with a two-layer that will be super cold or snow fighter. It is similar to the layers of shirts but too many like that. You may need a pant with one-layer, but if it is icy and windy, then you may face difficulties. Well, the 2 layers for pants are-

  • Base layer for moisture-wicking
  • The outer shell that has the fleece

For the first layer or the base layer, you will have to choose a dry-fit sort of materials like ours. That will help you to keep away the moisture from your body. 

The final layer which is the outer shell, and it should be insulated with fleece. You should have to put on a wind-resistant and waterproof pant. This last layer will help you fight against the cold and snow during ice fishing.

Even after fishing for the whole day, you may need to sit on a piece of ice, and even if it gets melt, then the pant will protect you from that.

What to Wear Ice Fishing

Waterproof Gloves

Waterproof gloves are the most important parts of an ice fishing outfit. As you are going to deal with water, ice, and fish, having waterproof gloves is mandatory. Otherwise, you will need to change the non-waterproof gloves after a few moments, and your hands will get cold and wet too.

So, we would say you should have a good pair of waterproof gloves that will protect your hand from being wet and cold. They are not very expensive and available in many designs and styles. So, you can pick any of them very quickly.

Waterproof Boots

The very last thing and a significant part of an ice fishing outfit are having a perfect pair of waterproof boots.

If you have to spend a lot of money on getting waterproof boots, you should do that because that is worth it.

A good pair of waterproof boots will give you a good grip on the ice while walking; your feet will remain warm and dry. It will not let your feet get wet. Isn’t it essential for ice fishing?

We would like to suggest to get the best waterproof boots from the market that serve you for a long time for ice fishing because no one will like to damage his or her foot & boot because of water or ice. 

How to Keep Feet Warm While Ice Fishing?

We will share some tips to help you know how to keep feet warm while ice fishing. Here, the recommendations are-

  • You should pick a good quality pair of waterproof boots and try to have the bigger boots
  • Always wear a pair of liner socks
  • Try to avoid the socks made of cotton
  • You may pick up a grabber or feet warmer
  • After sitting for a long time, you should take a break for walking around for proper blood circulation

You may follow these tips that will help you to keep your feet warm and dry while you are on the ice for fishing.

Our Verdict

Do you now know what to wear ice fishing? Hopefully, you are now fully prepared to go for your next ice fishing trip. You may follow our tips to have a proper outfit for ice fishing. If you have any queries, then feel free to knock us. We will appreciate it—best of luck.

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